Thursday, February 23, 2012

Comin' round the mountain

At last I am happy to report I'm feeling on the up!

I am finally achieving things and have exited the mental rut I was quite clearly in last week. A couple of times I have been able to go out to lunch with friends or a dinner (which took it way out of me because it was such a schmancy restaurant that we had to wait till 10.30 to eat). But it's getting a lot better. Oh and... I can walk upstairs, shower standing, and walk 20 minutes twice a day all by myself!!!

Obviously there have been some pretty sad aspects to recovery... like the whole ' you know who is worth it' thing in terms of people falling off the face of the earth. It's hard being alone so much or when not exactly alone just without friends. And I guess it's true that some people just disappear but the worst part is I think sometimes I'd rather go on pretending that they are just super busy and can't reply to my email/text/ etc. rather than they don't care at all. One friend even moved to Melbourne without telling me - that was a bit harsh. Then you feel all self pityous etc. But I'm determined not to let that get me down for very long. I'm thinking ahead.

Luckily I start rehab next week! Last time I went to the rehab centre everyone was again the youngest by many a year.. so probably not the best place to make friends but it gave me an idea. I'm going to join a club - sporting or otherwise (let's face it probably otherwise).

Also on the whole positive thinking vibe I have actually started sewing. I have made a heat pack and am now experimenting in decorational embroidery haha it sounds super lame but it's nice to be able to finish things and do them all by myself!

This weekend I'm going to tentatively re-enter the social world with a brief but very exciting appearance at a party! Alas, no wild drinking yet... I'm still all scabby and 'healing.' But riddle me this... why must healing be so itchy?!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things to do not moving:

1. Not get fat.

With the inability to open heavy drawers and doors eating is no longer a viable time waster.

2. Not get fit.

Not moving surprisingly means your are in more pain than bliss. Your muscles waste away or become tight and after a whole day of not moving, even in various states of rest, sitting is not a fulfilling way to pass time.

3. Knitting

More pro-active than the other listed activities... yet not much more rewarding, especially when you amazingly add a new stitch every row.

4. Crying

Not so fun but it happens a lot because of the above listed activities. I'm so bored. So over being reliant on everyone. I wish I could walk up-stairs, I wish I could wear a bra, I wish I could look half decent not like I've just gotten out of bed every minute of every day.

5. Facestalking

BORING. I don't care what you are doing? I don't want to know because inevitably it's more exciting than sitting here on this B-E-A-UTIFUL couch.

6. Internet Shopping

Easy. Also gives me an opportunity to think of things to do next week - if the merchandise arrives on time. PLEASE ARRIVE PLEASE!!!

7. Crafts

THAT'S WHAT STARTS NEXT WEEK!!!! PLEASE ARRIVE MERCHANDISE! I plan on making pillow cases and monsters and not just sitting here! PLEASE!!

8. Reading

I can't find my book.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Em Gee

I am sooo bored! This is ridiculous... slow recovery is one thing but not doing anything is not RECOVERY!!!

And it's only going to get worse as I become less of an attraction to family and friends and more of 'just Lauren' again.

I'm pretty excited as tomorrow I can walk for 15 minutes! it's going to be soo great. Slightly annoying is that I have to wait for someone to be home/not busy to supervise me... Aaannyway in order to keep my mind active I have of course started looking for ways to entertain myself.

1. Knitting (round 2) It's the same scarf, and still looks awkwardly wobbly but hopefully not noticeable when worn.
2. Sewing - starting with pillow cases, starting to move up to door stop, maybs some quilting we shall see...
3. Book - der Just have to find one. I really wanted to read the Book Thief but alas I cannot find where I put it!

Anyway, while I am EXTREMELY bored there are some percs (see above... pretty schweeet! Chocolate bouquet!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Get set...

I think it is safe to say I underestimated this surgery. Although, today is a day of celebration as I finally came home today it also just dawned on me the true nature of recovery.

I thought in six weeks I'd be back to normal, alas it is six weeks till I can start trying to be back to normal...delish!

Perhaps I am being premature in dubbing this the lost summer but as it is February I think I'm okay.

So this week I will start rehabilitation through which I wish to be able to take a shower standing and unsupervised, pick up anything I drop on the floor, carry my laptop and hopefully sooner rather than later sneeze so I can get that over and done with. I almost sneezed in the car today and it felt my chest was about to explode open. Urghh! I will also in 6 weeks be able to walk for 40! It's hard to imagine being so stationary but I'm told the schedule is the same for 80 year olds so maybe i'll be able to get there faster? Or at least a little easier! Fingers crossed!

But even with all that ahead I'm just super happy I haven't spewed in 36 hours and have just devoured some delicious prosciutto on toast. Perhaps this won't be my most adventurous year yet but I think it will be mighty exciting!

Note to self- my awesome little emoticons do not show up on blog... my bad.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hospital hate!

It's day three on in my own room in the ward. As the youngest member of the ward (by 30 - 50 years or so) I am also the unofficial spokesperson!

The ward is boring now. I can walk 20 m without stopping, and go to the toilet by myself (except because of the freaking soap dispenser being like a twenty pound bench press) and you know get in to bed...out of bed not so much.. But the visiting hours are atrocious! I mean if you aren't 80 and don't go to bed at 9.30 it's poop that your Hairy cannot be here to watch movie until 10!! ���������� blergh!

Thank god for the kardashians- not all of them obviously I have my faves but the drama means I feel like something's happening in my life instead of get up, nap, visiting hours, nap, visiting hours bed. Yeah so as you can see by this my life is now one with the ward aka boring!

But success! I haven't spewed at all today!!!!! Beautiful... Next step ��������������������������������������������������yum!

Loves y'all!