Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bejazzled Jack-O-Lantern Candle

 It's Halloween time!! Though I'm not willing to commit to purchasing a pumpkin and carving out it's innards (as fun as it is!) I have committed to covering the house and garden with glitter to make this: A bejazzled jack-o-lantern tea light holder...

I started out with a clear glass candle holder, craft glue, sticky tape and a whole bunch of GLITTER!

Bringing the jack-o-lantern to life:

  1. I cut out a sticky tape stencil to protect the areas I didn't want orange. 
  2. Mix gold and bronze glitter with a generous amount of craft glue, it is important to remember you can always add more glitter later. 
  3. Paint the glass all over.
  4. To get better coverage I poured dry glitter over the glue mixture then mixed it all together with my finger to make it look more eve
  5. Leave to dry overnight. 
  6. When the body is dry paint the glue onto the eyes and mouth with a small paint brush or the nozzle and pour dry glitter onto the areas one at a time to avoid the glitter sticking in unwanted areas.You can usually blow most of the excess glitter off.
 And voila! You have your very own Bejazzled Jack-O-Lantern Candle!

Enjoy xx

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Halloween weekend! I hope everyone had a splendid time!

As Halloween is still a new import to Australia I was super excited to go to a party this year - as you can see from my "stoked beauty queen" smile. I decided to follow the craze and dress like a toddler beauty queen taking specific inspiration from one Honey Boo Boo child, who I genuinely think is adorable. Also it was super frugal as I only had to buy the crown... embarrassingly  enough.

It was a tops weekend, filled with feasting in Woolloomooloo and a secondary visit to Jap's Table! I also endeavored to make a long-lasting glitter jack o-lantern, doesn't it look cute??


Monday, October 15, 2012

$10 poached egg salad

This was a delicious combination of left overs that needed sprucing up! I have been eating out (or at least not in my home) a lot recently so I was craving something clean and simple.

This salad takes a little longer than your average cold salad but is well worth it!
  1.  Grab some salad greens and chuck them in a bowl 
  2. Grill some tomatoes and bread with a bit of fennel seeds and a generous amount of salt and olive oil (I used some left over tuscan salad from Jaamie's 30 minute meals). It is optional to put in anchovies also if you are in to that sought of thing.
  3. Bring some water to the boil and poach an egg - as you can see along with the simple task of making buttercream icing, poaching an egg still alludes me so I use a pouch thing.
  4. Assemble salad! I added half a cucumber then piled on the warm bread and tomatoes topping it all off with an egg!
Dressing is optional but a touch of a light vinegar wouldn't go astray and voila! Yummy and filing salad for half the price of a cafe cesar!

Shopping list max 2-3 salads with some left overs:

Spinach or mixed greens small bag $3.00
Hard crust dinner roll 60c  each
Punnet of cherry tomatoes $3.98
Six-pack of free-range eggs $3.29
Fennel seeds $3.15
Cucumber approx $1

Cost price per salad: approx $4.50

Happy eating! xx

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jap's Table

A few week ago this curious little restaurant opened on the corner of Abercrombie street in Redfern. It wasn’t curious in a cuisine sense,with a name like Jap’s Place it doesn’t take a detective to figure out what they are cooking, but it never seemed to be open for dinner. I stared and waited and stared at the poor man outside manning the coal BBQ until this week it was finally opened for dinner! I was pretty excited due to the wait –obviously I have that Sydney restaurant line fetish – so my hopes were quite high.

It’s a darling little restaurant with a hefty amount of wooded interior. As the weather is getting warmer the whole shop can open to the street with tables on one half of the restaurant and traditional tables on the other.. or so it would appear, in a genius move the “cushion room” actually has leg room under the table so you don’t have to squat or struggle to get comfy whilst eating – win!

In what appears to be a hand written menu there is a variety of choice for such a small little restaurant, including rice dishes, noodle dishes, a large selection of yakitori and sushi. As the man out the front cooks the yakitori to order on the coal BBQ, it was hard to look past that!

We ordered a lot two yakitori, gyozas, a chicken stock and a pork stock ramen. And super bonus points  are awarded for having a half size ramen, which is perfect for those of us whose eyes are always bigger then their stomach! 
The yakitori was definitely the winning dish, super fresh of the grill. Essentially it is a chicken skewer but they use the WHOLE chicken,you can get breast, thigh, liver, heart, and giblet. We went with the safe bet of thigh. They were simple, well cooked and had the perfect amount of sauce. I think we both regretted not ordering more!
The gyozas were also delicious with a delicate dough they were generously filled and were served so fresh we had to wait for them to cool, which is great considering the gyozas these days tends to be plump, doughy and cold.

I’m usually an udon girl but thought I’d branch out and grab some ramen. I ordered the pork stock one with egg (which was considered an extra). The stock tasted home made (probably was but can’t confirm) and was excellent, but overall I just couldn’t finish it (even the half serve) as it was super rich. Harry got the chicken stock one which also had fresh stock – that tasted like grilled chicken! The dish itself was delicious, I just don’t think I’m down with ramen. Also as the stock was quite fresh if you are averse to oil I’d give it a miss.

The whole thing set us back a whopping $36.10 including twocans of coke (because we are WILD!).  

I really enjoyed Jap’s Place and I’m glad it’s now open for dinner. I think next time I’ll go with a six pack of cider and nom away at the delicious yakitori and gyozoas which they do so brilliantly!

Happy eating xx

UPDATE: I have since revisited Jap's Table and tasted some more tasty dishes which you can read about here

To catch my most recent culinary adventures head on over to littlelauren.com

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The things we do for love....

This week it's my mum's big 5-0! To help out with prep I went with her to IKEA before uni the other day....

This is what I had for lunch.....

It tasted about as good as it looked- for all the hullabaloo about the 'world famous meatballs' they tasted like cheap skinless sausages. Thank goodness for mashed potato! I also got a side salad, sans dressing, which was in a 3L pump bottle and was a weird fluoro colour.

The whole thing WAS under $10, mainly because I only had $10, but it was no Tra Mi.

If you are ever stranded and hungry in the desert of IKEA maybe opt for the lamb shank and cous cous...apparently that is world famous too, according the to continual announcements through out the store... Or hold out for Harry's Cafe de Wheels now conveniently down the road!