Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Leaps and bounds!

I feel about a zillion times better!!!

My scar has shed it's scab leaving it grossly pink but not nearly as gross as before! My energy levels are way way up! (NB to the point where I can spend 3 hours at work before fading out into shades of grey). Physio is exciting! The group meetings after not so much!

I can walk for thirty minutes as of today and I'm pretty sure in 25 minutes I can do half of my old 'short walk' that use to take 35 minutes which is pretty good too!

AND EVEN BETTER!! I have started to finish things.

I have finished the cushions - FINALLY! was starting to doubt that would happen - AND they look wonderful! even if most of their wonder stems from the fabric I am just super excited that I was able to sew them half decently with a little help on the finishing touches from mum.

see: beautiful!

And today after my three hours of work I begin my next project - the remodelling of a model manequin. I picked it up from my old neighbours as they packed up shop to travel the world and it was pretty stinky and raggedy (evidenced above) but I have decided to give the old girl a much needed face lift! So today I start papermache... SOO Exciting I feel like I'm in primary school again!

I also have started a food diary - which isn't surprising considering I'm so obsessed with it - but not the boring kind where you count calories, the exciting kind where you are on search for the best cheap Japanese!

I will attempt to keep this all up to date, however with my new found achievements coming in leaps and bounds the nanna nap has returned also just to keep me going.

The future looks bright!!