Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye my lover...

That's it, it's over. I left.

I left all my photos and my "friends" and my events... to live in the real world!

Yesterday afternoon I just made the resolve and poof it was gone! In it's place, I have purchased two animal shaped beanies, one turban, and an "exercise bikini" all of which are borderline regrettable impulse purchases... the addiction must be fed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Status Update...

It is a lot harder than I initially thought to withdraw from the clutches of the modern social media. Not really because I don't feel exposed and like I'm wasting time but because in all honesty I only need a phone these days to look up maps when I inevitably get lost. And who would get to see my amazingly colourful photos of Melbourne graffiti?!

I'll tell you the truth. Today I faltered a bit.. I considered not leaving - after it took me approximately 45 minutes to download 6 of my 972 photos I thought, really this is just too hard. But I will persevere.

I like to think my friends will still make the effort to contact me even if it costs them 10c a message (or free with all these handy new phone chat things - technology these days!).

So although I haven't evacuated the mainstream (and I even updated my status about mundane problems like 3 crap cups of tea in a day... and added possibly the cutest video of a puppy I have ever seen) I am still on the journey!

It has been decided today. I want a Pomeranian... see below.

PS I may or may not have also "liked" Boo (above) on facebook...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Light bulb! ding

So I sit here... on occasion, fairly sporadic occasions usually following a couple of hours of TV or being alone and pretty much complain.

Although statistics have recently shown as Australians we love to complain, I'd like to clarify that claim with, we love to complain when we believe we will get something out of it. Satisfaction, vindication, or a free meal, who knows but like any other transaction what is the point of complaining if you aren't getting anything.

By sitting here, when I do (not very often let's face it) I am doing empty complaining. I'm not gaining friends, information, or probably most importantly life experience. At this point I'd like to note I just heard myself saying this and I sound like a wanker... but here is my point.. I have one I promise. By sitting here and complaining I have no direction, no passion, no hobby, my life is a meaningless waste of incompleteness I haven't really given myself a chance to find any of those things. Instead, I've realised my greatest fears, identified them and then forgotten to follow through.

While I have had achievements, I have achieved over 200 facebook friends (despite my numerous attempts to cull, I mean honestly if I delete you as a "friend" why would you even want to ask me again?), I have accumulated more than 800 photo tags, I have been in more than 20 groups, even admin once or twice. But despite all these, very commendable achievements, my proudest moment in the last 6 months has been making that box (pictured in the post below).

So now, I have decided. I'm leaving this fake world of friends in an attempt to achieve, hopefully more than box making, and enjoy!*

So at the end of this week, after I have collected all my photos and emails off marky marky, I am going to close my account and hope on the train of life!**

* I will still sporadically post
** I will probably have less of a life as all invitations now are via social media... but it's worth a go!