Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time is moving so slowly. In 24 hours exams will be over but the constant bombardment of insignificant facts and teeny weeny details is beginning to grain on me.

My room is a mess. While this in itself is not so unusual, the fact that it is starting to annoy me is. Because the mess is an ever growing pile of books and papers, always threatening to fall and crush me beneath their endless words describing a single action that takes less than 20 seconds to do. Crush me and burry me so deeply that I can no longer sit my exams. That I am forever stuck in this almost there mode.. why, oh why did I do post-grad?!??!

my outlook is bleak....

Buuuuuut tomorrow, if it ever comes will be sweeeeet!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the end is nigh!!

Only three days left of self imposed house arrest and psychological torture until EXAMS ARE OVER!

It was killing me as much as any of you that I couldn't fix that damn photo from my last post, obviously I need to work on my technological prowess.

While a lot has happened in my four week hiatus from life I feel that if I were to divulge any information it would be considered procrastination. When in reality I am just waiting for some notes to print, truly (they aren't my notes but the thought is there).

I just wanted to express my enormous joy that I am THREE DAYS AWAY! from freedom! and freedom for 6 months too! Deferring still doesn't seem like the best decision I've ever made, but probably a necessary one (see that's one of the things that happened!) oh no.. now i'm procrastinating... printer has stopped... I must now crawl back inside my hole..

And even though the sun may not be shining there is still brightness ahead! Check out ma fleurs... preeeeetty!