Thursday, December 2, 2010

little lauren launches

After watching Julie and Julia I have become a little intimidating by the expectations that surround the modern food blog and blogging more generally. I intended truly to cook and bake for this blog but after doing a minimal amount of research and realising I would be doing no more than following the famed recipes of a myriad of famous cookbooks I felt that perhaps food was perhaps a dead end for little lauren.

I've come to a few dead ends of late. I've just finished my undergraduate degree in politics, become dissillusioned with a career in politics that require moving to canberra and embarking on an uncertain career probably protecting my dear country from those scary and threatening refugees. While that all sounds rivetting my love for refugees and soft spots for human rights as well as a thing called luxury has made me reconsider.

I thought I had discovered my future in marketing, the sexy world of advertising would be an amazing jumping off point for any career. In my opinion, marketing and communications is like the new law, as soon as you are in the industry a whole world opens up in areas distant and unrelated. But I have little to no experience, am apparently poor at communicating and am struggling to wrangle up a letter of employment to hand in my post-graduate application form in time - the deadline I'm pretty sure was October.

So today, realising that I will probably have minimal employment because retail is suffering horrendously and not knowing if I will be able to study before August, I decided it would be amazing to find a hobby that could be entertaining and possible result in renumeration... that would be very nice.

So during this launch period of my life I am trying to think of things I am good at. So far I've got facebook stalking, eating, and reading... I'll let you know if I come up with anything more fruitful. In the mean time I've posted a picture of my one cooking feat since the end of exams. They are milkless cupcakes - why? because I forgot to put the milk in. But they made a pretty picture

little lauren xx