Friday, September 28, 2012

Doing Dinner Melbourne Style!

As discussed previously, Melbourne is fantastic! It is also sold as this awesome city with heaps of laneways and great restaurants, so when I'm there I feel super pressured to pick the right places. This obviously annoys whoever I am with, mostly Dad and Harry, but Nat (my bff in Melbs) is totally down with my excruciating deliberation process that involves copious amounts of internetz searching. And after many-a-time going in blind, I was finally vindicated! In two days we had two fantastic dinners.

Oriental Tea House
378 Little Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000

Super delicious dumpling house.

I've been to this place twice now on my trips to Melbourne and I love it! It's not exactly a hardcore party house or even really a full restaurant but it's the perfect place for catching up with old friends. 

It's pretty much a little restaurant at the back of the tea store, which I've heard is buzzing at lunch, but has been quite subdued both times I've been. It's great, the dumplings are nice and fresh (even if they can sometimes be a bit doughy) and the tea is beautiful!

I walked passed the other restaurant in South Yarra before leaving and it looked a little more full on, but the Little Collins Tea House was perfect for our occassion (especially when you go with near deaf parents...). I probably wouldn't go on a first date or generally awkward evening as the silence could kill you, but I love it as an old reliable!

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Level 1/11 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
 Mexican to die for! I love how Mexican is becoming the new thing. 

My fam and I lived in California for a time where the best kind of lunches/dinners were some nice fresh Baja style Mexican! So it's nice to see the move away from TexMex and re-fried beans here in Australia! YAY! I have been searching for the closest thing to my memories full of fresh, cleansing Mexican (hard to imagine here I know) and so was so extatic with my experience at Mamasita. 

I understand I'm a little late on the band wagon but it was truly a memorable and delicious dinner so I thought, whatevs - I'm going to talk about it! Even though Mamasita may not be the hottest place in Melbs anymore you still have to wait up to 45 minutes for a seat at 8 on a Friday so it's still burning strong! We arrived a little wide eyed and secured our place in the line after spying the full page menu of Tequila!

The food was amazing, every course as good as the next, and the margaritas?!?! Yarrribaaa (yes I did just do that). The highlight was most definitely the Street Style Corn, cheesy, spicy, warm - amazing! The downside was the possibly overstressed staff and the speed at which each course comes out - but we took our time and ended up leaving near close muahahah but seriously I've never wowed over Mexican as much as I did there... I've told all my friends and am already looking forward to my next trip down!

We ordered the street style corn, chicken and shredded beef tostados, fish tacos, cerviche and the ice cream (GET THE ICE CREAM)!

 Aaaaaahhh such dreamy memories...

Happy eating! xx

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