Saturday, October 30, 2010

About Little Lauren


My name is Lauren.

I am passionate, curious, and an excellent time waster.

My top 3 Time wasting activities include:
  1. Eating
  2. Cooking
  3. Crafting
I love all three! But my passions are not limited... I can be swayed, you may see me dabble in some fashion, books, exercise (probably not exercise).

When I'm not blogging or passionately time wasting, I continue to juggle part time work and full time study!

I'm currently studying law, already having a degree in politics under my belt, and have a tendency to disappear around exam periods and general moments of high stress. During these tumultuous times I tend to waste my time on very unimportant things like study, staring into space, or posting funny pictures.
I work at a book Agency as a marketing assistant doing everything from making tea to running an online store and facebooking (for work).

I go out most weekend and eat copious amounts with my friends and family, if I love a place I feel the experience should be shared so I pen little reviews. As I am not a culinary critic I don't think it's my place to publish negative feedback on eateries, so I only share the places I think are exceptional. I cook on most Tuesdays and Thursdays - my repertoire is slowly expanding... I'm working on my issues with seasoning.

I haven't yet decided what I will do when I grow up... next year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many moons ago...

... one thousand four hundred and fifty seven moons to be exact I used to cook. I baked cakes, I cooked dinners, all of which up to a remarkable home made standard of extremely edible. Now, I struggle making a simple pasta - olive oil, garlic, salt, and tastelessness is all i can produce.

So I'm on a mission. Call it procrastination, call it cabin fever but I'm going to start cooking again. And as for eating, well I've never stopped that.

So let it begin, Little Lauren's remarkable food journey for summer 2010.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Power House Merivale

I have abused the system. My friends and I are attempting to trial every $33 meal deal Merivale has to offer in March 2013! Below are my exploits so far....


Recently I was super duper excited to spoil my manfriend with a birthday treat at est. that I could afford! $33 each - yes please!

The experience at est. was surreal I have never experienced such exquisite service.

The attention to detail was awesome, every diner was presented their meal at the same time so for two, two waiters present you with your meals, for seven - seven waiters present your meals AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! I was watching them serve one table and the sauce was poured AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME - like a synchronised ballet dance.

The house made bread made me want to cry, the beef cheek was the most tender thing that hit mouth and the desserts were literally mind blowing. Now as you can imagine that is more than $33 worth of food, however the restaurant is kindly offering a range of options for the March into Merivale event including a 1, 2 or 3 course option. The menu has changed since our visit.. BUUUT I don't doubt it will be a very special experience that I highly HIGHLY recommend.

When the deal ends in April you are still able to order many of the things that are on offer now - especially the braised beef cheek which I ranted about earlier. So get out there and splurge on someone special!

Palings is a much more casual affair. In a new funky canteen style restaurant it's a great way to get a taster experience at this new swinging hot spot. You can view the menu here. I opted for the burrata, field tomato, basil and parsley dressing and the grilled fish of the day. Both dishes were beautiful and we topped it all off by trialling a Petit croquembouche - delish!

Burata salad - essentially an extra creamy caprese.
Petit croquembouche
**So let me level with you. Recently, I've been quite glutinous. I know this isn't so unusual but I have been unusually glutinous in that I get so distracted by my big eyes and juicy delights that I forget to take photos. This has occurred on numerous occasions over the last month. It also occurred at these venues. Although it didn't really occur at est. but with est. the whole experience was a treat not to be destroyed by pulling my camera out every so oft. Also I was a little out of my element (hello?! 24-year old uni student pretending she can afford est. der!) So this post is lacking photos.