Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am suffering from the most horrific bout of procrastination.. It's been 3 hours since I even thought of doing any work. It's around this time I start to wonder why I decided to do a post-grad degree. Especially one as dry as law. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy my course, it just seems that as soon as people get into law or become lawyers their happiness and liveliness drip away... and voila you are introduced to the dull, unhappy culture that breeds the depression that no one seemingly understands?! It's ridiculous.

Obviously I should have remained unqualified for any position and got a job that involved life long travel. Or just travelled for the rest of my life unemployed. Both are much better alternatives to trying to convince myself I'm looking forward to a mock trial on a public holiday.

In order to keep some sanity after exams I decided that I should embark on a little project, that became very big and involved me having to convince my boyfriend and his family it was their project to. I decided to make a box. A very special box that had interchangeable positions (like many other boxes) that my brother could use as a bedside table instead of having a stool. It was also a handy birthday present for the very angry very resentful 19 year old who lives upstairs.

In retrospect, had I planned it better, I'm sure building a wooden box would not have been so stressful. However, as I am a last minute nancy we did the whole thing in 7 hours. Cut, screw, glue, paint, decorate, and dry. Obviously the drying part didn't go so well and we had to hand it to lil' bro a little soggy but I think the final product is pretty impressive! Don't you?

That was a fun project, it made me forget for a little while that I was a law student in the middle of crunch time!

My other procrastination tool for the last week has been reading. I highly recommend the book The Help not so much the movie but definitely the book! Having finished both of them last Sunday I'm a little lost and am now just constantly refreshing my automatically updated facebook page... great.

I may as well attempt round two of study. I think three hours is a long enough break.