Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm back!

This blogging thing is hard. I'm not very good at it. I attempted to be a sweet as blogger and think of a topic area and be amazing like famed bloggers always blogging on topic. But I'm not very good at that. Also a little upset that "Little Lauren" seems to be the name of a pro-rexia site which is a little concerning, considering originally I was going to make this a food blog. But whatevs, my love for food has no bounds.

So I've decided to make this blog my project, because all my uni friends have a creative outlet and I don't really. So, I'm attempting a few things blogging, knitting (which is looking fairly creative if you catch my drift) and cooking. I have been inspired by Masterchef so I'm attempting to be a sweet home cook, and chop like a pro, regardless of my fear of knives. In saying that tonight I'm heating a frozen lasagna my mum gave me but the thought is there.

BAM! ... I'll post a picture because they're always cute and whenever I see blogs I always think "oh cute, picture, yay!"